Internal doors not shutting/latching
Internal door Handles or hinges faulty
Loose skirting or Architrave
Glass panes in Upvc windows need replacing
Leaking Gutters **
Blocked Gutters **
Damaged gutters & downpipes **
Blocked drains 4″
Re-fixing items back to the wall
Loose bathroom tiles
Repairs to grout work
Silicone works
Upvc window hinges replacment
Front door locks replacement *
Repairing wooden fences
Windows not opening
Replacing kitchen door handles
Faulty kitchen door hinges


Loss of power
Loss of lighting
Replacing faulty sockets *
Replacing faulty switches *
Replacing faulty bathroom extractor fans *
Replacing faulty shaver lights *
Replacing faulty light pull switches in bathrooms *
Replacing faulty shower pull isolation switches *
Replacing external light fittings */**
Disconnecting of hard wired appliances (hobs/ovens etc)
Connecting of hard wired appliances (hobs/ovens etc)
Making safe dangerous electrics
Internal TV booster/Ariel’s *


No water
Faulty kitchen taps *
Faulty bathroom taps *
Faulty tap heads/ inserts
Leaking isolations valves
Leaking solider joints/connections
Replacement of toilet siphon *
Replacement of toilet flusher *
Replacement of complete toilet unit if damaged *
Replacement of complete sink unit if damaged *
Replacement of sink waste traps *
Replacement of shower traps *
Blocked toilets
Blocked sinks
Faulty radiator valves *
Leaking radiator valves *
Leaking flexi hoses
Replacement of faulty gas hobs
Replacing main stop tap (if safe isolation available)


Heating controls replacement *
Internal parts replacement *
No heating
No hot water
Damaged flu units */**
Faulty time clocks replacement *

* Like for like items will be fitted
** Up to 6 meters height