Installing new internal doors
Installing new skirting or Architrave
Installing new gutters & downpipes
Blocked drains 6″ & 9″
Fitting new windows or door units
Replacing of flooring
Upgrading gutters/facia
Roof Leaks
Faulty velux sky lights
Construction work
Plastering works
Waste disposal
Gardening works
Assembly of furniture
Fixing additional furniture to walls
External paving/surfaces
Incoming utility supplies
Sash style windows
Damp issues


External TV booster/Ariel’s
Any installation works
Repairs to any appliances
Rubber or lead covered cables
Car charging units
Complete property rewire
Outside lighting as long as its fixed to your home
Showers and their parts/shower pumps
Setting up timers and programmers
Solar panels and their inverters
Fuse board changes/upgrades
Incoming supplies
work involved over 6Meters high
Telecommunications/ burglar systems/Door entry/CCTV
Fire Panel controlled fire alarms


Replacing items that are not faulty
Installing additional pipe work
Repairs to any appliances
Any work over 6Meters high
Removing items not faulty
Sani-flo units
Power flushing
Water meters
Cleaning and descaling drains
Incoming supplies
External pipe work


Boiler changes/Upgrades
Any controls designed for underfloor heating
Replacing or topping up system inhibitor
Any parts supplying swimming pools/Jacuzzi’s
Setting up timed heating controls
Damaged caused by limescale
Repairing or replacing air or ground source heat pumps

* Like for like items will be fitted
** Upto 6 meters height

Items not covered in this policy can be completed by Property Fiix for an additional charge